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Best 3 Microsoft PPT or powerpoint Office Books

The Best Microsoft office 2010 books and office 2007 books , including 2013

office 2010 for dummies

Microsoft Office 2010 for Dummies

This is a very easy to follow guide for all Office 2007 applications. You can read it and learn using the different applications even without testing every step on the computer, due to the easy and comprehensible explanations and demonstrations.

Filled with straightforward instructions, this book gets you thoroughly up to speed, and it actually makes doing Office work fun! First learn all the basics, then how to add more bells and whistles

plain and simple powerpoint  2010 2013  guide

2007 Microsoft® Office System Plain & Simple

The book covers the features common to all Office 2007 programs – extremely useful to quickly familiarise you to the general workings of any Office 2007 program. Each of the following chapters then focuses on an individual Office 2007 program(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access).Lots of coloured illustrations, will make the learning process of the new Office 2007 user interface easy and simple.

The book covers all the essentials of creating and formatting documents in Word, handling workbooks in Excel, creating presentations in PowerPoint, and covering all your Email and calendar needs with Outlook.
The book is essentially aimed at beginners, but some advanced topics are covered as well.

Well written, simple and precise, easy to follow and understand.

office 2007 book and guide

Office 2007 Bible

The “Bible” series of John Walkenbach are widely known for their comprehensive, yet simple and plain explanations. They are great as a self study resources.This book would be great for a newcomer, not to Office 2007, but to Office in general. If you really want to know how the applications in the Office suite work, you’ll need to get the individual books for Word, Excel, Access, etc
This specific book gathers the best chapters from the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook bibles, as well as additions regarding OneNote, InfoPath, and Publisher. Topics are covered starting from the basics, up to advanced issues.The Office 2007 Bible is a well – written comprehensive and compact reference book, which gives both overview and a lot of details, including new features. I can recommend it to Office users on any level of practice.

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