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Student Text book store launched by amazon

Textbook season is here again! Students can now save money as the competition between college bookstores and online vendors heats up

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Amazon’s “Textbooks Store” features savings of up to 30% on thousands of new titles shipped from and sold by Amazon.com, and up to 90% on millions of used textbooks.

Books : Algebra and Trigonometry

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According to USA Today , the Higher Education Opportunity Act requires colleges to release required book lists when students register for classes. Publishers are required to disclose prices and revision information to schools

Internet vendors are set to benefit from the law. The newspaper said that Borders launched an online textbook marketplace recently to buy or sell books with other students or sell them to an outside company. Amazon said that more than 1 million textbooks are eligible for its buy-back program through which textbooks can be exchanged for an Amazon.com gift card.

“Until this year, many schools didn’t give the book list until the week before classes, and you really had no choice but to head to the college bookstore,” said Christine Frietchen, editor in chief of ConsumerSearch.com, to USA Today.